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Yes, you can scale your business, pay yourself more and take 14 weeks of unplugged vacations

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Business growth

Are you overwhelmed in your business?

Are you tired of working so many hours, wondering when you’ll be able to take some time off?

Do you know that you need to get more support, delegate better and get some systems in place, but you’re not sure where to start?

Fabienne with business growth program members

You’re in the right place.

For the last 20+ years, we have guided women business owners to fill their client rosters, create systems for growth, hire the right people they can trust and continually increase their income, year after year, while working less.

Year after year, these women make more than ever, increase their impact, and are finally able to take an uninterrupted spa day, and have their evenings and weekends back to be with their families.

We’ve innovated business growth coaching for women, providing our members every resource they need to create results they’ve never been able to create on their own or within other programs.
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You can have this too. We’ll show you how.

At Boldheart, we normalize that you can make your own money (lots of it) while having a life you love.
Nobody does this better than we do.

Business growth

Growing and scaling your business doesn’t just require more knowledge. You also need a different kind of support, because what got you “here” won’t get you “there“.

To further your business growth, you will need:
1) A new Strategy – one that means you don’t have to do everything
2) A solid Structure for your entrepreneurial nature (accountability to finish what you start)
3) A powerful Community of mentors and other inspired, feminine women in business who will fiercely believe in you, as you will them

With these 3 elements, there is nothing you can’t accomplish, and that’s why our members scale quickly. Nobody does this better than we do.

In our fully immersive programs, you will...

using our reliable results process
Learn how to grow or scale your business with proven steps. Our business growth method is proven by thousands of women.
with expert coaches
Join scheduled remote strategy sessions, pods, one-to-one calls, extensive trainings, and the member center.
with a unique community
When you join Boldheart you join an inclusive, loving and inspiring community of brave, heart-centered, entrepreneurial women.
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Boldheart Business Growth Member Experience

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What makes Boldheart Business Growth Programs Unique

Business growth

For over 20 years, Fabienne Fredrickson has helped tens of thousands of business owners grow to 10K a month consistently and with heart and then, to 20k, 50k, 75k and 100k+ per month with their life back.

Boldheart Business Growth Programs include proven processes to help people master marketing and sales the authentic way and, from there, to leverage and scale their business with the right team and systems.

Through structured accountability and endless loving support and encouragement, we continue to champion women as they bring financial security and peace of mind into their lives, and increase their impact in their businesses, while taking many more unplugged vacations.

When you step into our business growth program and begin to apply the custom strategies we provide, your actions go from uncertain to deliberate. When you get the structure you need for your entrepreneurial nature, your actions go from scattered to focused. When you get into our loving community, you go from isolated to supported. Entry into our programs is entry into a higher vibrational space where real action happens and lifelong friendships blossom. Never will you have felt so included in any business setting. Bar none.

Which Boldheart Program is right for you?


If you are committed to consistently making 10K a month in your business, this program is for you. Nothing is more important at this stage of business than following the right authentic marketing and sales processes that will bring you all the clients you want. This program brings you financial security and growth.



If you’re making 80-100K+ a year but feel overwhelmed, and dream of scaling to 250K, 500K and eventually a million while working less, this program is for you. Nothing is more important at this stage than getting the right team you trust, putting in place systems that free you, and shifting to a business model that doesn’t require so much of you. This program scales your business, while giving you your life back.


Want to know what to do next in your business?


Business growth

Your customized action plan for each year, tailored to your needs

A customized 60-minute strategic planning session where you get your plan for each year, with your very own implementation schedule.

Business growth

Trainings on exactly what to do, in what order, with examples to follow

The foundational how-tos delivered to you in bite-size pieces, so you can implement them easily. All the planning work has been done for you. (Don’t think, just follow the proven recipe.)

Business growth

Electrifying meetings for deep learning, mindset shifts, best practices and transformation

We create sacred spaces of non-judgment, personal connection and deep learning, where you make deep shifts and create friendships that last a lifetime.

Business growth

Weekly live support for your burning questions, troubleshooting and massive clarity

You’re usually never more than 6 days from the personalized support you need from our coaches to make better decisions and get the answers to your pressing questions.

Business growth

Your personal “board-of-directors” to help you brainstorm and prioritize

Your facilitated “mastermind pod” of 6-8 people via a warm virtual video platform helps you strategize and get clarity and encouragement on your crucial next steps.

Business growth

Facilitated blocks of uninterrupted time to implement as a group

Epic 4-hour monthly implementation sessions to get so much more done than by yourself. Our virtual “Focus Time Parties” mean you have zero distractions while you work on Money Generating Activities

Business growth

Finally, someone to lovingly and firmly keep you focused and accountable

Connect with your Accountability Buddy and use our daily prompt system to stay totally focused and implement more each day, so you no longer procrastinate or get distracted by shiny objects.

Business growth

The friendship and unconditional love you’ve been looking for your whole life

Our buzzing Facebook group is your place to share wins, get feedback, ask for resources, and foster deep friendships. This is the unparalleled unconditional support you’ve always wished you had.

How to decide which Boldheart Program is right for you

Business growth

Admittedly, not every stage of business growth requires the same action steps. If you’re already at 100K per year, your action plan will be much different than someone who isn’t yet making 10K a month.

We can help you understand exactly where you are currently at and what you’ll need to reach new success in your business.

Want to know how you're doing in your business?
Most importantly, would you like a customized plan of action, for free?

The story behind Boldheart Business Programs

Founded by visionary entrepreneur and champion of women in business, Fabienne Fredrickson, Boldheart has repeatedly been recognized by the media, and Inc. Magazine has named it one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies for three consecutive years. Our model is based on two decades of experience and tens of millions in collective annual revenues for the business owners who have joined our program.

After coaching and mentoring tens of thousands of women business owners (and men who lead with their hearts) Fabienne found a predictable process for business owners to increase their impact and achieve unprecedented results. The Leverage Program is an obvious continuation of the Growth Program, a reflection of Fabienne’s own experience as she scaled her business and found herself struggling to balance her life.

While the Business Growth Program focuses on ensuring that members have the foundations they need to scale, Leverage is all about giving business owners their freedom back. Most often, brilliant business women who are making 100K a year are deeply overwhelmed. They’re not paying themselves enough and they’re certainly not taking enough time off.

We guide them how to use their time better and how to create a business model that frees them up, while being able to work with 2x to 10x more clients and customers and reduce the hours they work. Eventually, this allows them to get to 250K, 500K and even a million a year, with as much as 14 weeks of unplugged vacations.

Business growth
Business growth
Business growth
Business growth
Business growth
Business growth
Business growth

How Boldheart Business Growth Programs have helped other business owners

We've helped thousands of entrepreneurs just like you to reach their full potential in their businesses.

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We’d love to hear more about your business situation as it is now, what’s not working, and what you’d ideally like to achieve in your business in the next 24 months.

Then, we’ll help you map out a plan to reach those goals, confidently and with the right strategies, and tell you about our business growth process, support and community.

Business growth

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